The special partnering relationship that we build with our clients is based on our commitment to become expert in their business, culture, strategy, markets, operations and underlying people challenges. This considerable investment enables us to become our client’s trusted advisor, moving well beyond the typical transactional focus of search.

We have extended this to a new client advisory model that delivers valuable counsel over a broad range of human capital challenges based on our extensive client and market experience. It provides a platform for delivering significant added value while supporting superior talent acquisition and retention. This is a unique service structure offered only by our firm, and is viewed by our clients as leading edge.

This intense client focus and commitment is of course also central to our search process. We know that we excel when we develop an insider’s feel and perspective, advantaged by the improved client access and open communication this model creates. In addition to the direct benefits of client advisory, each search benefits at every step in the process.

We are able to create a more thorough go-to-market strategy and have an ability to represent the client opportunity in a richer, more fact-based and compelling way. We have a much-improved ability to judge a candidate’s fit based on our deeper understanding of the client’s commercial and cultural realities and executive team dynamics. Also important is the better vantage we have to work candidates through the evaluation stage and ultimately to guide the finalist to a successful close. As our client's trusted advisor, we deliver value in creative new ways and deliver superior search results.