Millbrook Partners was formed out of a belief that the executive search industry is falling short of its potential to serve clients. We believe strongly that the highest calling of executive search is to help clients build and grow high performance, market-beating leadership teams. This requires a special relationship between search firm and client. It requires a mutual investment and a longer-term view based on a true partnering strategy and continuity of relationship. We are committed to working in a different way with our clients to address a broader set of human capital needs. We engage the knowledge and experience we have in other related disciplines, which enable clients to address organizational, cultural, process and program challenges better in building sustainable talent programs.

Our objective in every client relationship is to be engaged in a broader advisory capacity, building a more intimate internal working knowledge, which we also put to use in producing superior search results. Our focus is on being expert in each client’s business.

As a boutique firm,our philosophy means we must be selective. Our model limits us to no more than two significant clients in the same industry – a concentration that supports depth and focus in our relationships. This also dramatically benefits our search process as we have minimal off limits restriction and therefore almost all relevant candidates are available to us.

For us, the ‘gold standard’ means immersing ourselves in our client’s world, taking ownership of the problem and driving relentlessly to the solution. In search execution, we distinguish ourselves by high levels of original research as well as our process discipline, tenacity, and of course, results.