For years, our principals were on the front lines – as executives and HR professionals. We hired (and fired) many search firms. We learned what worked, and more often, what did not. Our client relationships are guided by what we call our  ‘Client Bill of Rights,’ reflecting key standards by which we measure our performance.

We will treat your problem as our own; we are in this together as partners, and we will deliver.

We will be relentless on your behalf; you will never need to push us.

We will always give you objective counsel; we will call them as we see them.

You will always know the status of any ongoing engagements; you will never need to reach for us to find out.

Your search partner will be a hands-on executor, not just a ‘relationship manager’ or ‘account executive’ who delegates critical phases of the work to less experienced staff.

We will deliver more value, not less, than you expected.

You will feel good about the experience of working with us.