The dominant theme today in executive search is specialization – segmentation primarily by industry and, to a lesser extent, function. The notion is that this implies specific expertise and leads to faster execution based on an extensive relevant network and database. Good theory, but we know many generalists who excel across multiple industries and functions, and frankly, specialists who fall short of the promise. Though we have both specialists and generalists among our partners, we believe the expertise that matters most is our quality of judgment, and that – together with tenacity and focus – is the real key to producing the best results consistently. What binds us together is our depth of commitment to each client and level of investment in each relationship.

Following is an overview of our capabilities by industry and function. We focus on the C-level roles and Division/Business unit executives as well as many of their senior direct functional and line reports.

 As a matter of professional principle and out of respect for our clients, we do not publish our client list. We will be pleased to provide specific references when appropriate.



Financial Services

  • Credit Card

  • Consumer/Retail

  • Energy/Power

  • Asset Management/High Net Worth

  • Exchange Trading


  • Highly Engineered Products

  • Chemicals

Management Consulting

(all Industry Segments)

  • Strategy

  • Operations

  • Information Technology

  • CRM/Customer Science

  • Outsourcing

Business Services

  • E-Commerce

  • Software

Consumer Products

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Retail


  • Division/Business Unit General Management (P & L)

  • Strategy, Business Development,
         Corporate Development


 • Architecture & Planning

 • Enterprise Systems


 • Division/Business Unit Finance

 • FP&A

 • Audit

 • Shared Services

 • Risk Management


 • Organizational Planning & Effectiveness

 • Compensation

 • Training/Development

 • Leadership/Management Development

 • Executive Staffing


 • Strategy

 • Operations/Supply Chain

 • Information Technology

 • Human Resources


 • Supply Chain

 • Plant Management

 • Operations Management