We also feel strongly that we have important responsibilities to our candidates. When considering an opportunity that we have asked you to explore, you deserve to be treated professionally. Therefore, we also have a 'Candidate Bill of Rights' that guides our relationship with all candidates.

We will engage you in an exploration, not a selling process – we believe the best decisions are made with transparency and full disclosure.

We will communicate with you regularly – we will not make you come find us for updates on your candidacy.

We will provide you with our honest assessment of your candidacy, and if you interview with our client we will seek constructive feedback to share with you.

We will never encourage you to pursue an opportunity that we don’t believe will be a good career move.

To the very best of our ability, the process will be efficient and respectful of your investment of time and psychic energy.

We will maintain the confidentiality of our relationship with great care.

You will feel good about the experience of working with us.